My daughter is the apple of my eye. Like all mothers, I have nurtured my baby with great care and love. She is the best gift of God. Growing her up has been always a tiring job for me. With a 9 to 5 job it simply becomes difficult to give time to my sweet little cub. I love her grey eyes, her chubby cheeks, the curly texture of hair. But never I knew that my poor little innocent baby has been the host for parasites for no wonder how much time.

It all started when I saw her scratching her head occasionally. She never said a word to me that she is having itchiness or something disturbing her so I just thought it all comes to her habits. It is nothing to care about. With these thoughts every day I use to drop her at the baby sitter before going to my job. After 8 hours of job I use to see her and the other day was only the day off that I had in a long tiring week.

I kept her asking not to scratch your hair as it looks very bad to others but kids being kids never understand what we adults say. One day, when I was taking her back from the baby sitter, her nan said something very frightening to me. She said that my little baby was being infested by head lice and the problem is now increasing as other parents have complaint about this. And on search of the babies, the staff member saw tons of nits in my little girl’s head.

Honestly, I was in a very awkward position. I didn’t know what to tell. I wonder, when this was becoming frequent why didn’t I try to find out the cause. I just thought if she was scratching her head out of no reason. In my community, I have never heard of anyone getting infested by head lice. Reason being, our hair texture is soo thick and dense that it becomes difficult for head lice to survive. But then I researched the internet and attempted to find that can black people get lice or not. To my surprise, there was an article letting know black people that yes black people are prone to get lice. It is difficult for African Americans or black people to get head lice infestation but it is utterly not impossible. The ratio of black vs white was definitely higher for the white people but that day I got to know that we also have chances of getting infested.

I can’t explain how much I was worried about my baby. I didn’t want to use any harmful chemical on her hair as she was barely 3 years old. I then opted for the natural homemade remedies for hair lice treatment and found that tea tree oil is beneficial for killing head lice. I use to apply it every other day to my daughter’s hair and then comb her hair to find the nits and nymphs. I found tons of nits and nymphs and it still grosses me out to think about that. YUKH! But I was able to get rid of the head lice and made my baby free of head lice after following this routine for two weeks. Now I take care of her hair and keep combing them twice a week to avoid any such unpleasant situation in the future.

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